Thursday, May 24, 2007

Too bad I lost you my friend!

I'm totally confused, shocked
And angry at this life
I can't go on like this anymore
This is more than enough

How can people be so deceiving?!
Why has it become a habit to lie?!!
Double faces and masks everywhere
And the pure people are the ones who die

I know it's an exam from GOD
To help us enter his eternal Paradise
But why?!! Why have people turned so bad?!!
Although they still act, to be so innocent and nice!!!

And why do they try to prove
To themselves and to the others around
That they are pure and faithful
Even though they're the whole way round

Why have we people lost the capability
To dig deep down into our hearts and minds
To explore our inner beliefs
And to start changing our bad side

Why does everyone think: "Um okay!!
If others don't agree with me,
Then they're to be blamed not me!!"
Well no one's perfect if you ask me!!

I'm not saying I'm an angel myself
On the contrary, I know I have my faults
However, I haven't lost the gift of facing myself
Instead of happily dreaming above the clouds!!

It really feels AWEFUL when you discover
That one of your VERY close friends
Turned out to be a PROFESSIONAL LIAR
Although THEY don't realize it till the very end!!

Discovering that their whole life
Was built on lies and made-up stories
Always wanting to be the center of others' attention
Even if this meant telling UNREALISTIC stories!!

And when you face them with their lie
They start to lie allover again
To free themselves from the first lie,
That they were already trapped in!!

And suddenly you find this friend of yours
In a large web full of lies …
However close you were one day
You can no more believe their fake eyes
Unconsciously you only see the lies!!

You start to lose trust in someone who
Was once VERY close to you …
You can't believe them anymore
No matter what they do
Even if they seemed really true!

Too bad I lost you my friend
I really thought you were true
But it seems I shouldn't trust that much
Because I was deceived even in YOU!!

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