Monday, April 23, 2007

I Love You GOD Indeed!

No words can express my feelings,
No letters can describe my day,
I love you God, from all my heart,
What else can I ever say..?!!!

You've been always beside me,
From the beginning of my life,
You've been always helping me,
And to obey your orders, I shall strive

Long ago, when I was young,
You've been always here beside me,
If I couldn't differentiate between right and wrong,
You'd be always there to help me

Being young, I knew very little,
And was always asking where you were,
But as I grew up, and day by day,
I found that you were always there

I always saw people praying to you,
But why?! I could never understand...
But as I grew older and older,
I found the reason at the end

Whenever I needed something then,
I would directly pray to you,
You'd instantly fulfill my dream,
And make my wish come true

Oh God, What can I say..?!!
You've granted me all what I need...
Love, Happiness, Peace and Health,
Dear Lord, I love you indeed..!!

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