Thursday, October 9, 2008

The right decision...

There comes a time
In a person’s life,
When he starts
to look back
Upon the years
That have passed by

Quickly or slowly
It doesn’t matter
What matters is
The decisions taken
And the ones
That are to be taken

One starts to assess
His earlier life
His previous decisions
His past years
And suddenly
Questions pop up;

“Was that the right decision?”
“What if I had done this?”
“Where would I have been now?”
“Am I happy?”
“What’s gonna happen now?
“What’s in my Future?”

Ah! My Future...
The word that scares him
The word that makes him think
And then, think again...
About his decisions
And about his whole life

Throughout a person’s life
He is asked to choose
To choose between
Right and wrong
Between good and evil
Between happiness and misery

To choose his toys
His school
His friends
His career
His spouse
And even his own house

To choose the path
Of his entire life
And consequently
His own afterlife!

Some decisions
are easy to take
and are done
on a daily basis
without even thinking
or weighing consequences

But others are different
More difficult...
Involving tough choices
And changing one’s life

While taking a decision
Especially a crucial one
People usually forget
Forget, that they have
ALLAH... to guide them
To help them make
The right decision

Others do remember HIM
But don’t have enough faith
They can’t believe that HE
Can change the whole world
Just for them...
Just to help them do
What’s for their best

I myself have gone
Through this phase before
And not having enough faith

But then,
When I came to think about it
I realized...
Why do I exhaust myself?

Why do I care so much?
About the consequences...
About what’s gonna happen,
If I took this direction
Instead of the other one

I realized...
I should think reasonably,
Trust my intuition
And choose my path
And deep down in my heart
I should depend on HIM
And no one else but HIM...
ALLAH... yes, ALLAH!

HE is there to help me
Guide me
Care for me
Always and forever
So, how can I?
How can I worry?
How can I fear tomorrow?
When I have HIM!

I take my decisions
Remembering HIM
Believing in HIM
And being optimistic
That HE always does
And will do...
What’s best for me

Even if I don’t see it now
I shall probably understand
And realize HIS wisdom,
When I go back again
To assess my earlier life
My previous decisions
And my past years.

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